While you’re thinking of summer vacation, holidays, and outings, consider improving your home while you’re at it. Perhaps your home doesn’t have a fireplace, but you’d like one. Maybe you thoroughly enjoy the “crackling fireplace” channel on the television while you open Christmas presents. You may simply want to add some supplemental heat for the times when winter storms knock out your electricity. We have the solution for your wintertime woes, and summer is a great time to get it done.

Pristine Sweeps can install a stove or insert now, during the summer months, and you can be fire-ready this fall! Even if you have a central heating system, a stove or insert can be a great addition to your home.

Going Green

Both inserts and stoves are highly efficient, out-heating the traditional masonry fireplace by leaps and bounds. In fact, some stoves qualify for tax credits due to their little impact on the environment.

Cost Effective

Not only are inserts and stoves good for the environment, but can also be easy on the wallet. You can supplement your heat with your stove or insert, while enjoying a beautiful fire. If you have access to your own wood source and have enough space to properly store and season your wood supply, then you can save on resources and burn wood!

Inserts and stoves are also fairly inexpensive to install. They don’t require a masonry chimney. Depending on the model and capacity, a stove can be vented via a stovepipe and an insert can be similarly installed. Certain models, a direct insert, for instance, vents through a wall instead of ceiling. The direct insert is a completely closed unit that pulls air from the outside, and vents it out the same space. It also runs independent of the home’s electricity so it can heat your home if the power goes out, as well.

It’s our goal at Pristine Sweeps for all of our customers in the Seattle area to be safe and comfortable. We also want you to have your dream home and your dream fireplace. That is why we love to install inserts and stoves, because every home deserves to have a fireplace.

If you start planning now, you can have yours installed this summer and enjoy the ambiance of a beautiful fire all winter. Give Pristine Sweeps a call at 206-574-8414 and speak to a fireplace expert today. One of our technicians will start the process right away, gaining an understanding of your need, take measurements, order your product, and schedule an installation. Your installation will be completed with an inspection to insure your product is installed correctly and to your satisfaction. Get started today by calling or scheduling an appointment online.