Your chimney is made up of many parts and chambers that make the system work properly. In order for the system to work safely and efficiently, every part, every component, and every space within the system should be installed correctly and constructed properly. Over time, some parts may become damaged, caked with debris, and deteriorated until airflow is slowed or worse, stopped.

The Smoke Chamberburning fireplace
A vital part of the chimney system is the smoke chamber. It is the space above the fireplace where heat and particles mix together before rising up the flue. This space is shaped as an inverted funnel and with walls smoothed so that the smoke is directed unhindered to the flue. The smoke chamber also has a smoke shelf which prevents the smoke from falling back into the firebox. If any of the components of the smoke chamber are “off”, the science of the air flow will also be “off”. If the smoke doesn’t pass through the smoke chamber and out the flue, it will stall airflow, stifle the fire, and even lead to a smoky fireplace. Too much smoke in the home can cause respiratory issues that will cost way more than a chimney repair.

Smoke Chamber Parging
The smoke chamber is shaped like an inverted funnel, with one wall at a specific slant. Like the rest of the chimney system, it is constructed of masonry. In order to create a slant with brick and mortar, the bricks are “stepped” which creates spaces that are filled to smooth the wall. Over time this smooth surface can be damaged as mortar is broken apart and falls away. As gaps and holes appear along the slanted wall, airflow is slowed substantially, dropping efficiency in the process. In order to bring the chimney up to efficiency, the smoke chamber walls should be returned to smoothness. This process is called a smoke chamber parge and will restore your chimney to code compliance.

Pristine Sweeps repairs smoke chambers using Smoktite, a lightweight and portable solution for a big problem. A certified expert can use this product to increase the safety of your home, improve the operation of the fireplace, and protect the smoke chamber for years to come. Simple repairs may only work for one season or two. A Smoktite repair covers your smoke chamber in a smooth ceramic layer. It is easy to install using a convenient spray system, and will only be applied where we want it. For more information about Smoktite and Smoktite certified installers, visit the manufacturer site. Pristine Sweeps is a certified installer, experienced with the application and abreast to all current safety codes. When your chimney system is not up to code, we will not only bring it up to code, but will do so with a product we trust. Smoktite.

If you reside in the Seattle area and need to have your smoke chamber addressed, Pristine Sweeps can help. Schedule a smoke chamber repair today.

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